To find out whether an organisation has your personal data you will need to have the Tap app installed on your phone. You can download the Tap app for your iPhone or Android device.

1. Open the app on your device and you'll land on the home screen.

2. On the homepage you can use the search bar to find an organisation, or you can look through the organisation categories. I can’t find the organisation listed?

3. Once you’ve tapped on the organisation you want to request your data from, you will need to fill in a few details to send your request. Please fill in and tap request data access.  We do not collect your personal information. 

4. Next you will need to agree to some terms, and at this point you can find out what will happen next. Please read these, and tap agree.

5. Woohoo ? You’ve now sent a data request to your chosen organisation. Hold tight for your response ?