The Tap app currently lets you connect your Google Mail (Gmail) account which will search and recommend any organisations that have contacted you via Gmail.

You can download the Tap app for your iPhone or Android device.

1. Open the app on your device and you'll land on the home screen. Tap settings in the bottom of right of the screen.

2. Tap on 'Connect your Google Mail'.

3. Tap 'Connect to Google'.

4. Select the Google account you wish to connect, then sign in.

5. Once you've signed into your account you will need to click "Allow" to tell Google you’re allowing Tap to search for organisations. *We do not collect ANY of this information

6. Woohoo ? you've now connected your Google account. 

You can connect as many different Google accounts as you like and Tap will try to discover companies that may hold your personal data.

7. You'll now find a list of new organisations in the 'Recommended for you' section ⭐️