Your team passphrase keeps your Tap account safe by allowing you to decrypt your requests, therefore keeping your account more secure. It’s super important and keeps your team, and the individual’s privacy safe. ?

Remember, only you and your team have access to the team passphrase.

Your team passphrase is

  • For your team. Every team and organisation will own their own unique passphrase.
  • Secret. Your passphrase is created on your own device/browser. We have no record of this key and we cannot recover it.

No one can access your requests if they don’t have your passphrase. That includes you, and us so make sure you keep it safe:

  • Keep it secret. Don’t send it to us or make it public anywhere like emailing it to yourself.
  • Keep it safe. Save your passphrase in a storage software like Dropbox or an encrypted file. Then you’ll be able to find it, even if something goes wrong.

Protect your team passphrase 

Currently your team passphrase is generated by us, please write it down and keep it safe. If you have team members you should notify them and you may wish to share this passphrase in a secure place. Remember you and your team will not be able to access requests if you do not keep your passphrase safe.

If you’ve forgotten your passphrase please follow the instructions laid out in our guide on 'How do I reset our team passphrase'. If you still need further support please get in touch with us at