We've talked before about how important your team passphrase is. We recommend you read this before setting up your team passphrase.

Until you setup your team passphrase data requests will be encrypted. In order to decrypt these requests a team passphrase needs to be setup to keep any personal data safe. When you first login into your portal, you are required to setup a team passphrase. If you're having trouble logging in, contact support@tapmydata.com.

1. Once you've logged into your portal, at the top of the screen click the ‘create the team passphrase’ button.

2. A window will pop up like the one below. Please read our guide on 'about your team passphrase' before proceeding. 

At this stage, you must enter a team passphrase into the box, this will be used by you and your team. You must copy this team passphrase and keep this safe using a password manager. *If the team passphrase is lost all data requests will be unrecoverable but all users will be notified

Once you have copied down the team passphrase. Click on 'I confirmed that I have copied the team passphrase'. 

3. Your team is now secure. A window will pop up showing your team is now secure, click 'ok'. 

4. Your data requests will now be decrypted as shown below.

4. If you're still seeing encrypted data please get in touch at support@tapmydata.com.