As an important step of processing a consumer data protection right organisations rightly need to confirm the identities of those individuals submitting requests.

Tap can help streamline this process by providing verification tools and processes. This is an area of Tap we are looking to further improve in the future so that consumer rights can be quickly processed without onerous or unfair identity verification processes being imposed on consumers.

Verification we currently perform:

When the user submits email address, mobile number, phone number or address we perform verification. This verification is processed as follows for each type:

  1. Mobile - we send a text message to the mobile number with a one-time pin number that the user needs to verify.
  2. Email - we send an email to the address with a one-time verification link that the user needs to click.
  3. Telephone number - we submit a voice call with a pin number the user must verify.
  4. Address - we send a letter in the post to the postal address provided with a one-time pin.

Within the company portal of Tap you can see for a request what data has been verified as follows:

You can see what information has been verified and what hasn't. If you click the 'Verified' text of an item you will see more details as follows:

To see the process in action for yourself we would encourage you to download our app from the app store and try it. Visit for links to the app store.

It is our mission to ensure consumers can have their data rights dealt with quickly and efficiently and we do not charge organisations for this basic level of verification.

Upload documents (ID documents or utility bills)

We now offer a way for individuals to upload documents such as a photo ID or utility bill using our secure end-to-end encrypted channel.

To get additional verification in the form of an ID or utility bill you should use the direct messaging feature in the portal as outlined in our guide responding to an access request. You can submit a message back to the user requesting them to upload, or scan a utility bill and send it to you, allowing you to conduct further checks before responding with their personal data. 

What if we don't have enough data verified?

We would encourage you to continue your dialogue with the customer to get them to verify their data, or use the upload feature to provide addition documentation. They can do this by adding it to their data locker and responding. Also, it is possible for you to adjust the form in Tap so that it asks for this data up-front before the request. 

Additional verification we will be adding soon

We intend to add a further verification methods as follows:

  1. Identity document scanning support including likeness checks and KYC (Know Your Customer) checks.