Good question! A subject access request is a fundamental right for individuals under the GDPR. No, wait! You knew that, but if you didn’t check out our guide on what a subject access request is.

Whether or not you have to respond is your responsibility, we can’t force you to. 

But here’s why you should:

The ICO states that a subject access request can be submitted from individuals by any means:

“The GDPR does not specify how to make a valid request. Therefore, an individual can make a subject access request to you verbally or in writing. It can also be made to any part of your organisation (including by social media) and does not have to be to a specific person or contact point.”

What if I don’t respond? In not responding to the individual’s subject access request, that individual may decide to take further action, such as taking to social media or your customer service teams to vent their frustration, or complain to regulators such as the Information Commissioner's Office leading to potential legal action.

In using our platform to respond to individuals you can take a positive approach to subject access requests. But it is also an opportunity for you to improve your customer service and service delivery by responding to subject access requests, efficiently and transparently and maximising the quality of the personal information you hold.

We find responsible organisations appreciate people want to choose the channel they use to communicate with them about their data, and some of the biggest brands in the UK already use our secure service to fulfil requests.

The bottom line is how do you as an organisation want to be viewed when it comes to data privacy. Do you want to be viewed as a company that allows different ways for your customers to enter a data dialogue? Or do you want to be a company that creates hurdles for customers who want to chat about their personal data?  

If you want to learn more about subject access requests the ICO have a useful code of practice guide & further reading on their website. If you’d like to learn more about Tap we’d be happy to setup a call.